Decentralised Mechanical Ventilation With Heat Recovery ventiltor (dMVHR)

If you want to save energy and recover heat on a room-by-room basis, Decentralized Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (dMVHR) is an excellent choice. It’s much simpler to retrofit compared to a whole-house ventilation system. dMVHR uses the extracted stale air’s heat to warm the incoming fresh air, providing ventilation and energy savings.

It's the perfect solution for refurbishment applications.

A dMVHR unit can enhance the quality of indoor air in individual rooms. Compared to traditional extract ventilation systems, these units are more efficient. They constantly extract moist air from rooms such as bathrooms, utility rooms, and kitchens. Fresh air from outside undergoes filtration via a heat exchanger that recovers heat from the extracted air before it enters the room. This energy transfer maintains the temperature in the room, reducing energy costs as opposed to using windows for ventilation. The recycled latent air is then returned to the room, ensuring a stable temperature.