MVHR stands for mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. It describes systems that supply fresh air to rooms in a building and removes stale air whilst reusing heat to pre-heat fresh air entering the building.

MVHR units have both extraction and supply functions built into one device. Moist, stale air from areas like bathrooms and kitchens is extracted, and the heat from this air is recovered by a heat exchanger. The pre-heated air is then supplied to the living areas of the house. Our MVHR unit range is the most effective on the market, with an impressive up to 95% heat recovery efficiency. Additionally, MVHR systems provide continuous trickle ventilation, maintaining high indoor air quality with consistent fresh, filtered air.

This type of system provides a controlled ventilation system, resulting in better air quality with lower humidity and no condensation. Additionally, MVHR can be utilized to deliver heat throughout the house, eliminating the need for underfloor heating or radiators. This leads to a homogenous atmosphere with similar temperatures throughout the house. Overall, the implementation of an MVHR system can greatly benefit the indoor environment of a building while also reducing energy costs.

As temperatures continue to rise, air conditioning will be essential in ensuring people’s comfort and safety. Many businesses have already begun installing air conditioning units to maintain a comfortable working environment for their employees. It’s only a matter of time before air conditioning becomes a standard feature in homes and workplaces across Ireland.