Centralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV)

The Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) system is a highly efficient way of continuously supplying and extracting air throughout a dwelling. This low-energy system comes equipped with multiple extract points that quietly and effectively draw out moisture-laden air from wet rooms, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

It removes stale and humid air from wet rooms via a central location. Clients love its simplicity.

The central unit of the system is typically installed in a loft or cupboard and ducted to effectively extract polluted air from the house’s wet rooms. Unlike heat recovery systems, MEV does not require ducts to supply replacement air. Instead, replacement air enters the home through window vents or airbricks. In some cases, air naturally enters the building through gaps and cracks in the structure to provide adequate ventilation. By removing pollutants like moisture and indoor air pollutants, MEV plays a pivotal role in maintaining good indoor air quality and creating a better living environme.