Bathroom And Kitchens Fans

Bathroom and kitchens¬† fans remove excess moisture from the air to prevent mould and mildew formation. They are usually triggered by sensors that detect changes in humidity and temperature. They draw in stale air and force it through a filter that absorbs moisture, then pushes the dry air back into the room. This reduces mould and mildew growth and keeps the environment comfortable. The fan turns on when the humidistat is triggered or the light switch is turned on. These types of fans are ideal for everyday use. It’s great for basic ventilation needs and also for low-cost options.¬†

Looking to maintain high air quality in your home seamlessly throughout the year?

By drawing out the steam and moisture, an extractor fan helps to keep the bathroom environment healthy and free from dampness-related problems. Extractor fans help combat dampness and musty smells but also protect the bathroom environment from potential health issues. Extractor fans can prevent the growth of mould and mildew and keep the air circulating – ensuring a healthier, more comfortable environment.

A high-quality kitchen extractor fan is designed with a stronger motor and more durable materials, making it more efficient at removing moisture and odours from your kitchen. Kitchen extractor fan installations remove the steam and smell in the kitchen, making your home a more pleasant place to be. At VIP Ventilation & Air Conditioning, we calculate the size of the extractor fan, handle the wiring and the finished look. Quite often some building work is required to ensure the fan can vent the air from the inside out. It may need some plastering, painting or tiling to tidy up the final look