Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner

Wall Mounted Air Conditioner is the most popular domestic AC systems. They are usually the easiest to install as well as the least expensive air conditioning option available.

Modern wall-mounted aircon units provide efficient cooling and heating to keep you comfortable all year round.

These days most wall-mounted air conditioners are slim-line and elegant.

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Air conditioners should be regularly serviced to ensure they work efficiently and reliably. Poorly maintained units can be noisy and increase energy bills. Additionally, they can become health hazards if not properly maintained.

Where to install a Wall Mounted Air Conditioner Unit

Wall-mounted air conditioning units are placed on a wall at a high level and are ideal for smaller areas such as living rooms, offices, and bedrooms, it doesn’t take up valuable floor space.

Additionally, the placement of the unit at a high level allows for greater air circulation and distribution throughout the room, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

Hence, wall units are relatively easy to install and maintain.

They can also be conveniently controlled with a remote or a smartphone application.

Larger rooms may require multiple units spread evenly throughout the room to ensure that no areas are left out as this can create ‘hotspots’. This will ensure the room is evenly cooled or heated, with no areas feeling too stuffy or cold.

Some HVAC specialists may try to cut costs by offering to install only a single powerful wall-mounted unit. However, these units are usually intended for industrial and commercial applications. They can be quite gusty and noisy in a domestic or office environment. Instead, multiple small, quiet units are usually preferable in residential and office settings.