Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner

Ceiling cassettes are a type of split air conditioning system that consists of two units. You can identify a ceiling cassette air conditioner by its indoor unit installed on the ceiling, hence the name.

The conduit that connects the indoor and outdoor units is hidden within the ceiling, unlike other split systems that have the indoor unit installed on the exterior wall.

The main advantage of a ceiling cassette air conditioner over a ducted system is that it’s easy to install and doesn’t require ductwork.

The cassette system is placed on the ceiling, and the unit installed inside the home distributes cool air through the device’s sides. The external unit is placed outside, just like a conventional wall-mounted system.

Ceiling cassette air conditioners are better suited to larger areas. For more info get in touch.

You will need to care for both units, just like any other air conditioning system. Outdoor and indoor units must be properly and regularly serviced.


Installing a cassette air conditioner on your own is not advisable, as ceilings typically have beams. It's best to contact an expert to determine where to safely set up the indoor unit.

The benefits of a Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioner unit

There are several benefits to installing a ceiling cassette air conditioner. It’s virtually innocuous and comes in a variety of capacities and sizes. You can select the model that fits your requirements, finances, and preferences.

Our personnel can quickly figure out the most appropriate spot to install the device to achieve the most balanced airflow.

Ceiling cassettes are generally noiseless, but the external unit will still emit noise, so you have to consider that as well.

If you cannot install a split system, which hangs on walls, a cassette air conditioner may be more suitable for your home. Bear in mind, though, that it is typically more expensive, but you can certainly cool more rooms and broader spaces than a wall-mounted system. A cassette air conditioner is often the preferred choice for larger spaces and commercial settings due to its ability to cool a larger area. Its installation is also quite easy and requires minimal disruption to walls and ceilings.